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    Vietsourcing's client is one of Malaysia"s premiers Infrastructure and Property Developer with over 30 years of proven track record in world-class infrastructure and breakthrough Engineering solutions in the most complex and challenging situations. As part of their property development plan, they are now looking for the following positions:
    Quantity Surveryor
    Main Duties & Responsibilities:
    1. Assisting in the management of tender estimate which includes:
    - Checking/monitoring the preparation of Bills of Quantities
    - Establishment of net unit rates and cost estimates
    - Prepare enquiries for material, labour and plant quotations
    - Site visits, site valuations and reports
    - Liaison with external consultants
    - Inter-departmental coordination activities
    - Review measurement of quantities and calculation
    - Total cost summary and reports
    - Supervising the compilation of tender documents
    - Submission of tenders
    - Tender review

    2. Prepare Interim Certificate (based on Consultant's recommendation) for Contractors.

    3. Assisting in cost control of Preliminary Budget throughout project phases.

    4. Assisting in monitoring the performance of Consultant Quantity Surveyors:
    - assessing the tender estimates of Consultant Quantity Surveyors
    - assessing and reporting on the Tenderers' quotation
    - preparing the department's estimated Budget for works specified

    5. Assist site management in preparation of Variation Works and Progress Claims.

    6. Monitoring and evaluating all RFVs, variation orders, contractual claims and settlement of Final Account.

    7. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the management.
    Qualifications : Degree in Quantity Surveying/Building Technology
    Experience: Minimum 5 years in the Construction and
    Development Industry
    Specific skills / abilities: Good working knowledge of Pre and Post Contract Works.
    Personal qualities: Able to communicate in regards to the projects with
    Others involved.
    Hard working, proactive, able to communicate with all levels, assertive, positive attitude, & English speaking is a must.
    Salary: $1000 ++
    Contact: Ms.Giang 0942.342.119; hggiang.nguyen@gmail.com
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